Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Why To Choose The Brass Pipe Nipple?

Plumbing demands a variety of fittings and a wide range of equipment for its customized needs and specifications. Pipes, connectors, junctions, wedges fittings are commonly used. For some special purposes we use specific connectors designed and wire-framed accordingly. One such connector is the nipple.


Nipple has a very short pipe with a male pipe thread at both the ends. This fitting is used as a connection between two pipes. The pipe length of the nipple is the minimum possible length practically possible for that fitting. This is the reason, the length of a nipple is generally specified as the number of linings it has at both the ends. 
Nipples are of two types: pipe nipple and the close nipple. 

Pipe nipple - Tis nipple has a tiny length of its own pipe visible outside after installing the connection. This nipple typically has a hexagonal shape on the outer surface for easy management and change.

Close nipple - A close nipple is not visible outside once it is installed in its place. From the outside it looks as if the two pipes are just kept together. Nothing can be seen from the outside in specific. It is difficult to make any changes to this kind of nipples once they are installed because we don't find any pace of grip. We might either damage the pipe threads or the nipple male by trying to do so.

Brass Pipe Nipples 

Brass has a special reference in all the plumbing fittings. Brass pipe nipples are made with a composition of 85% copper and 15% zinc with slight additions of other metals at times for special purposes.

The strength of the nipple is extremely important. When the pipe carries liquid at high pressure and temperature there is a huge amount of force at the junctions and they are the places where damage might occur. A brass pipe nipple guarantees the highest strength possible for any metallic nipple.

Rust and corrosion resistance is also a necessary feature of all the brass pipe nipples. Nipple junctions are sometimes prone to leakages. They are vulnerable to all sorts of physical pressures and can sometimes be the cause of pipe damage. So, using brass pipe nipples will ensure the corrosion free environment at these vulnerable places in the plumbing.

Brass pipe nipples are of high importance not only in house hold plumbing but also in the commercial plumbing where the carries may contain oils and fuels too. Brass being an inert material with respect to chemical reactiveness, is suitable for all sorts of needs.

Choose brass pipe nipples for your needs and make the best use of them.