Thursday, 23 June 2016

Threaded Inserts Manufacturers Guide To Restore Damaged Threads

If your car threaded inserts are little damaged, you can get them repair and restore. Threaded inserts manufacturers explain how to fix the damage and restore them in good condition with fewer efforts.

If your threads are not completely worn, you can try chasing them with a thread chasing tap. The chasing will help you in realigning the threads through which you can thread the bolt in place. A thread chaser is an undersized tap that cleans threads without removing the metal.

If the thread is severely damaged and cannot be saved with a thread chaser, you can entirely store the threads using new coil-type thread inserts. They will offer a comprehensive new threaded hole that accepts the genuine size bolt.

You can install them by drilling the damaged thread hole bit oversize, tap it using a larger taping device, and screw inside the new threaded insert coil.

You Can Rely On Two Methods To Install Threaded Inserts

  • Thermal
  • Ultrasonic
However, both are not only used as methods, but can be pressed in, molded, in and even screwed in through self-tapping threads. However, threaded inserts installation method after molding lowers the cost by reducing the molding time. It also lowers the chance of scrap and mold damage resulting from dislodged inserts.

When you consider both the methods, you can embed the insert into a molded or drilled hole by melting the plastic again.

Why You Need To Install Thread Repair Inserts?

Everything on your automotive is held together with fasteners. Whenever you unbolt something and fix it back together, you stand a chance of cross-threading or stripping the threads.

You can repair most threaded inserts that make the threads stronger than those used in cast iron or aluminum parts. Threaded inserts manufacturers recommend proper repairing of damaged threads in order to tighten the fasteners properly and keep the connection stronger.

Professionals use these tools - electric drill, drills, cutting oil, tap handle, shop rags, hand tools, compressed air source, and tap alignment block.