Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Brass Pipe Nipples - Types and its Importance in Plumbing World

Pipes are responsible for carrying water from tanks to different parts of premises. They are one the most important component in plumbing process without which the whole process is meaningless. But pipe itself doesn't has any importance till they are supported by other plumbing parts such as brass pipe nipples, brass T's, bushes, elbows and etc.

What Are Brass Pipe Nipples?

It is human nature that it sometimes neglects the importance of small parts as they play the supporting roles and tends to appreciate main role players. Same logic applies for brass pipe nipples as they play the supporting role and ensure constant flow of water through pipes. They are of two ends each threaded to fix with the unthreaded pipe fittings.

With brass being the basic component in manufacturing of brass pipe nipples the manufacturers are now coming with more attractive and efficient products as they are now available with silver and nickel polishing. These brass pipe nipples look catchy and suit the expensive bathroom upholstery. Initially they used to come with brass finish which used to look raw and unfinished. They were just rubbed with the saw dust so that to make them smooth.

Brass pipe nipples mainly work as the joint between the brass pipes as it has two ends both machine twirled from either side so that pipe ends can be fixed with them, for further gripping plumbing threads are used so that the joint become stronger and the chance of leakage become null. You just need a good quality plumbing wrench to tighten the pipe nipples with brass pipes.

Why Brass Parts?

Brass as many of us know is one of the toughest metals. Its strongness makes any part made of brass durable. Brass parts in plumbing not only assure proper fittings but also assures of its longevity and durability.

In comparison to other pipe fittings brass fittings are considered to be the toughest. Although they are expensive comparatively but at least you are assures of the quality it provides. Brass is one of the toughest metals and its durability and non-corrosive feature makes it perfect for plumbing process.  Water coming into our water tanks contains ammonia, lead and zinc and they are enough for harming pipe fittings but brass ability of being corrosion free doesn't let these chemicals to harm the fittings.

Brass's ability of being heat resistant also allows brass pipe nipples to work in fluent manner as the flow of hot water don't effect on brass as it can bear temperature from 50 degree to 100 degrees.It is always better to use quality parts on the first hand only so that you don't need to get them replaced with time. As sub-standard parts might be available on cheaper rates but finally they will prove to be costlier as they need high maintenance and periodical replacements.

Further brass parts are available with complete kit and you don't need to assemble different plumbing parts. Therefore one should always keep in consideration the use and budget before selecting plumbing parts.