Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Are Brass Machine Screw Or Turned Products Significant For Manufacturing Units?

Machineries used by manufacturing factories need low abrasion and for these equipments, brass machine screw products are used by engineers. These turned parts are used in musical tools, like bells, horns, etc.

With the flexibility and acoustic properties, brass items attract people by their bright appearance, like a shining gold. Brass is exceptionally used in simply casting the fabrics as it is extremely flexible as compared to other parts like zinc and bronze. What next is its recyclable nature! Brass is not ferromagnetic and can be easily separated from ferrous /iron scraps by simply movement of controlling attractions.

Manufacturing units use brass scraps to fabricate screw machine parts and turned parts as the metal is less prone to wear and tear. Locations where the oxidation risk is involved, brass components can be best alternative.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Industrial Brass?

As we mentioned above, the longevity of a brass is a centre of attention and thus, most manufacturing units use it to fabricate precision turned components using brass. When you buy them from a reliable manufacturer, the durability can be further assured. Brass is relatively costly than aluminum or steel yet it is still used to make many automotive spares, utensils, antiques, and decorative for consumers. Also, manufacturing companies producing turned machineries for the clients are making swift deliveries within a decided timeframe.

Brass turned parts serve manifold ranges of industries, like automobile, pump manufacturing companies, pneumatic industries, etc. These are made available in numerous designs and sizes. Moreover, you can also avail your custom designs from manufacturing units. Brass turned parts are being used in various applications like-
  • Medical equipments accessories
  • Sanitary equipment accessories
  • Switchgear accessories
  • Bathroom equipment
  • Fuse gear
  • Control systems
  • Furniture fittings
  • Electronic appliances
  • Bicycle fittings and components
  • Electrical and mechanical toys
  • Agricultural hardware accessories
  • Electrical and mechanical toys
  • Lighting systems and equipments
  • Central heating equipments and more
Manufacturers of brass machine screw products are giving different plating and finishing to these products, like tin plating, natural, nickel plating, customized plating or coating. These products are available in abundant quantity and some of the most common used includes lock parts, precision turned parts, brass anchor, screws, nuts and bolts, brass inserts, energy meter parts, etc.


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